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Aqa Maula TUS has invited Mumineen to Surat on the occasion of shaadi in Aqa Maula TUS 's Qasr Mutahar. Pls log on to and accept izan or araz tehniyaat.

Malumaat - Akhbar Nooraniyah


27th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 18th Nov 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS prays Nikah of Farzando from Qasr Mubarak

Aqa Maula arrived in a procession lead by the Bridegrroms in Al-Masjid-ul-Moazzam at around 10:45 am. The majlis was started with Janab Hussain Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb reciting Surat - Va-D'uha. The melodious recitation, which captivated the hearts of all present, was then followed by the recitation of the qasida mubarakah - "A-Hakima-Deen-i-Llahe Abdul Qaderi", today also being the Urs mubarak of Syedi Abdul Qader Hakimuddin A.Q. The qasida mubarakah "Ya A'la Tahar-Rid'a" was recited next. Then, at around 11:15 am, Aqa Maula TUS delivered a heart rendering bayan mubarak starting with the recitation of Surat-ul-Fateha. Bayan nu unwaan "Shajaratul Khuld" and "Shiatona Minna" ooper hatu. Afterwards Maula TUS started performing the first of the Five nikahs to be performed in this morning session.

[Photos 1] new05.gif (1433 bytes) [Photos 2]

19th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 10th Nov 2006)

Huffaz-ul-Quran-e-Majeed recite in front of Aqa Maula (TUS). Maula TUS leads Yaumul Jumoa namaz

Today during Shafahi imtehans, Huffaz-ul-Quran-e-Majeed lead by Shaikh Abdeali Madarwala recited in front of Aqa Maula (TUS) & Abna-ul-Jamea. Then Aqa Maula (TUS) recited Quran Majeed Himself. Earlier in the morning, Maula TUS arrived for ziyaarat of Doat Mutlaqeen in Surat. For Yaumul Jumoa Namaz, Maula TUS led namaz which was followed by Yaumul Jumoa Mauqib(procession)

[Photos 1] new05.gif (1433 bytes)[Photos 2]
[Aqa Maula TUS Quran Majeed recitation video - MPG  5.23 MB]

18th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 9th Nov 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS bestows Doa Mubarak on Madrasah Farzando

The staff of Joyce High School from Varacha came for araz for dua today morning after Maula (TUS) returned back from ziyarat in the morning. Aqa Maula (TUS) did dua for madrasah farzando who were made to sit in-between the two qubba mubarakah. Aqa Maula (TUS) recited "Bismillah" and the surah of Al-Fateha followed alongside by the children also. Aqa Maula (TUS) ye dua mubarak farmavi ke "Khuda aa farzando ne ghani barakat aape.."

[Photos] new05.gif (1433 bytes)

12th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 3rd Nov 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS presides over the first Shafahi Exams of 1427

Aqa Maula TUS Al Jamea tus Saifiyah na Evaan ma fajere  padhara. Aqa Maula TUS ni Evaan na mezzanine floor par bethak chhey. Eh Bethak na window masi Evaan ma haazir Qasre aali na sahebo, Asa teza, Talabatul Ilm and hazereen Mumineen ne deedar nu sharaf bakshu. Jamea na Evaan Maula, Maula , Maula na aawaaz si gunji uthu. The shafahi exams that followed marked the shuruwaat of the 1427 Annual exams of Al Jameatus Saifiyah Institutes at Surat and Karachi.

[Imtehaan Video - MPG 1.28 MB]

11th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 2nd Nov 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS delivers Zikra Waaz Mubarak

Aqa Maula Zikra ni majlis ma fajere 11am ye padhara. Pehle Khatmul Quran ni majlis thai ane te baad Maula TUS Zikra ni waaz ma waaste jalwa afroz thaya. Aqa Maula TUS ye Zikra ni waaz mubarak ma ajab shaan si bayaan farmayu ane Mumineen waaste Doa farmaavi. Te baad Zohr/Asr ni namaz thai ane Aqa Maula TUS Waaz Mubarak waaste padhara. Waaz 4:00pm khatam thai.

[Zikra Waaz Photos 1]  [Photos 2]

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9th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 29th Oct 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS presides over Wajebaat bethak for worldwide jameats

Aqa Maula TUS arrived for ziyaarat of Doat Mutlaqeen in Surat. Thousands of Mumineen were waiting to get deedar sharaf of Aqa Maula TUS.

[Ziyaarat Photos 1]  [Ziyaarat Photos 2]

9th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 29th Oct 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS presides over Wajebaat bethak for worldwide jameats

Aqa Maula TUS presided over the Jameat Wajebaat bethak at Al Masjid al Moazzam in Surat where all jamaats from Bilad e Imaniyah had come to araz Wajebaat to Aqa Maula TUS.

[Wajebaat Bethak 1]  [Wajebaat Bethak 2]

8th Shawwal al Mukarram  1427 - 30th Oct 2006)

Aqa Maula TUS arrives in Surat for Zikra 1427

Aqa Maula TUS arrived in Surat on Monday 8th Shawwal at approx. 4:00 pm by plane from Mumbai. A grand isteqbal was organized by Surat Jamaat for Aqa Maula TUS arrival. After wadhawanu rasam, Aqa Maula TUS did a short bayan which ended with Shahadat of Imam Hussain AS.

[Arrival Photos 1]  [Surat Arrival Video - MPG 6.25 MB]

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